Pocast 01 – The Pilot

It’s done! My very first podcast! Listen and rejoice!

OP theme: COLORS by FLOW (TV version)

In this very first episode I talk about Mai-Otome OVA ep 1, Code Geass ep 10 and Stargate’s big 200.
GIR’s Anime (& sometimes Stargate) Podcast – 01 – The Pilot
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2 Responses to Pocast 01 – The Pilot

  1. saitou says:

    Nice… thought there was a little too much ‘um’s at the beginning but you were getting into a better groove towards the end. Maybe make sure to have a little more clearly defined scripts or a couple more specific pointers to jump from. Maybe a few rehearsals as well may be a good idea and if necessary you can splice it together from smaller easier to manage snippets. Your bit on the MO ova was quite good, the code geass section has me interested and will probably get me to get around to seeing it and quite honestly, not that much of a stargate fan but from what you said, it sounded like a brilliant episode. Perhaps a little bit more review than descriptive, would like to hear more opinion and maybe some comments on more technical aspects that may be unknown from just watching it like maybe some background info on certain soundtracks maybe (especially inserts or those that may get singles or such (actually, segmenting the thing with maybe a small break for a song of the week or something from an anime album that maybe others may not be familiar with or such)) or maybe some info on some prominent VAs (one of my blogs posts has something like this)… might be an idea, message me through NF or something and i could help you on stuff like music, i may keep up with less anime nowadays but for some reason i still keep up with a lot of anime music :S… would be happy to help 😀

    Also, now I gotta download Kanon… i wanna sig! (chibi of course XD)


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