Shuffle! Memories – 01


This is my first online review! It’s about Shuffle! Memories episode 1! (please note it’s being written as I watch!)
Shuffle! Memories – 01.avi It’s the high quality verision at only 76Mb!

The theme song is pretty good. It’s “Fateful Encounters” by YURIA

This appears to be a “Guiding episode” or a recap for those new to the series even though it’s a remake. The main character, Rin is played by one of my favourite voice actors, Tomokazu Sugita! He’s played Kyon and Yuiichi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Kanon respectively. Those three characters, Kyon, Yuiichi and Rin, all look somewhat similar, especially Kyon and Yuiichi, and act somewhat similar, especially Kyon and Yuiichi!

Man! I keep loking on ANN (Anime News Network) to find out the voice actors as I hear them and there’s sooo many Haruhi voice actors! (OK maybe just three, lol!)

Not a lot of time to read the text AND see the images. But, it is a recap episode so I’ll forgive it just this once.

I like the ending song a lot. It’s a very nice song. It’s “innocence” by Miyuki Hashimoto

It seems like there’s no preview to this episode so watch it next week!


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