Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! – 01


In this show we find a young girl named Mika Inamori walking to school late for a swimming competition when suddenly a girl jumps off the low overhead bridge right in-front of her. This girl’s name is Manami Amamiya.

She quickly takes out her hover scooter and scoots off towards school (ignoring the local scenery as they go right through it!) They get to the swimming competition with a splash. You learn two things then: Manami, who prefers to be called Manabi, is a transfer student and that the school enthusiasm is at an all-time low. You see the year is 2035 where most schools worldwide are closing down due to a low-birth rate. The next day during a morning assembly Mika, as the sole member of the student council, requests that any and all willing students join the student council. Manabi, late again rocketing in on her scooter, immediately demands the position of president. The principal says that she can’t but Shimojima, the teacher of class 2-A, Mika and Manabi’s class, says that Mika said that anyone apply. So Mika calls for a vote of claps. With less than amazing results Manabi goes up on stage and wonderfully recites their school song which she first heard the day before. Everyone is enchanted. She is clapped for and thus immediately made student council president!

The preview made no sense so I guess we’ll see what happens next time!


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