Fate/stay night dub volume 1

Hey everyone today I’m gonna review Fate/stay night’s dub volume 1!

Those are thumbnail of some scans I took of various parts of the DVD case and booklet.

I love the voices for this dub. The lip-syncing is perfect too. I really only have one quip about the voices; Sakura and Ilya. They aren’t horrible and the voices do suit the roles very well, but, they can get irritating. Although when Ilya is serious and evil sounding she sounds perfect. It’s really just the same problem I had with Negi’s voice in the Negima! dub. It’s perfect for the role but really irritating!

Well for the dub there’s not really much else to say except that they don’t screw up any terms in the show like the Naruto did in the beginning. (BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!)

This is a definite buy for Fate/stay night fans.



One Response to Fate/stay night dub volume 1

  1. Deranged says:

    Cool… Love the scans… may actually get this, good to hear that FSN didnt get butchered XD

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