Back from the dead with my first Stargate post! (Unending)

I just saw the Space channel premier of the series finale and I have only one real comment: amazing.

I loved this episode. I was waiting very eagerly for the end and I thought it came and then I realized I still had 40 minutes left! But they sure-as-hell didn’t plod by. Not one bit. It seemed too but in the end it gave us our last chance to see the characters evolve fully and make me really care for what happened to them and how they almost all died. Unlike in almost all book and other forms of serialized storytelling, I’m satisfied by the ending. Most of the time I sit and wonder what will happen next because all the ending did was leave a lot more questions of how things turn out. Even though this is the same it feels like it isn’t. If I found out that “The Ark of Truth” or “Continuum” were canceled I would be pissed. Of course I would, any fan would be. But if they were canceled I would feel that this last episode was enough. And that’s how an ending should be.



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