Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – end


Well I just saw the end of this show and I love it!

The series ends on a sad note with Mikan leaving for, OREGON?! Who knows why Oregon of all places but it’s still very sad. Along with the Stargate ending I feel that this was a very good end too. After all, we knew the end even before we saw it! Who would of known that the OP was the ending of the series? Although that brings me to one problem, why do they all look like they’re 12?! Takako and Mei are the only two that sort of look like they’re 20 by the end. Well now that that’s out of my system all I have left to say is, WATCH THIS! Don’t let the chibi decieve you. Even if this is a fun happy chibi show it’s still great. It had a very genuine ending that got me a little emotional, and if a show can do that then it succeeds! I hope everyone else enjoyed this show as much as I did. So on that note:



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