Shakugan no Shana



So I finally decided to continue watching Shakugan no Shana this week from around episode 13 and I’m glad I did. This is an amazing series.

From the start you can tell the show is different from the first few lines where the main character, Yuji Sakai, tells us he’s dead. Not only is he dead but he’s been dead for a long time. You see Yuji is a Torch. Torchs are the remnants of people who’s existences have been eaten be the Tomogara. Yuji discovers this when he’s attacked by one of the Tomogara’s Rinne and a girl, the Flame-Haired Red-Hot-Eyed Flame Haze, in a black coat with a flaming sword saves him and tells him the truth, he’s dead. The series continues with various Tomogara attacking the city and Yuji discovering more about himself as a Torch. The series mainly focuses on the love between Shana, Yuji’s name for the Flame Haze, and Yuji. Shana slowly discovers her love for him and in the end after saving him and fulfilling her love for him she risks her life to save the city. The story is great and is hard for me to summarize while conveying it’s plot and overlaying ideas but it’s a great show and I think anyone who enjoys a good story will love this. I give it my highest praise.


Side-note: Thanks for the support guys! Thanks for the over 5000 hits!


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