Final post from here.

August 5, 2007

Anyone reading this should know that I’ve just been hosted on so I won’t be posting here anymore. It was short but WordPress hosted me well. Here’s the link for the new site:

GIR’s Anime

See you there!


2,500 Hits People!

July 22, 2007

I’m glad so many people have an interest in my blog and I plan to add additional content soon. My blog should soon be moving to hosting on so I’ll tell you when that happens. Once again thanks for the interest in my blog and thank you for your continued support. But comment on things every now and then.

Want to know what I like?

July 10, 2007

Just check out my anime list by clicking the link here or on the page made just for it.

Read my story!

January 30, 2007

I’m writing a novel of sorts and I’m posting it chapter by chapter.

Get it from my profile here:

Update on my condition.

January 12, 2007

I’m feeling better now. I still feel bad though. I’ll have a review of Bleach 110 soon. But the Kanon – 15 will definately wait until tomorrow. I don’t think I could do it like this.

Kanon – 15 review, delayed.

January 12, 2007

I just saw Kanon – 15. I fell sick now. I feel like I’ll cry anytime soon but I can’t for some reason. It’s making me feel strange. I’ll be back later. I think I’m going to go lie down. I think I’ll post my review tomorrow. See ya.

Good news!

January 12, 2007

I forgot to mention earlier! I was accepted as an editor for Anime-Himitsu Fansubs! They have really good fansubs for great shows so chek them out!